We’re on a mission to make every Netflix lover savvy enough to enjoy the service to the fullest.

At NetflixSavvy, we aim to provide quality entertainment without restrictions in any country or region. Also, we provide top-notch information regarding the best VPN services you can rely on to stream your Netflix content worldwide.

We believe VPNs are secure gateways to enjoying premium entertainment without limitations. Also, we understand our readers’ desires to get the best VPN services to watch Netflix shows without compromise.

As a result, we at NetflixSavvy extensively test out VPNs based on their server selections, connection, internet speeds, and the number of Netflix shows unlocked by the VPN. After thorough testing, we provide unbiased, comprehensive reviews on these VPNs for our readers to enjoy and make excellent VPN choices based on their streaming needs.

Our standard

We conduct extensive tests and detailed research regarding various VPNs. By simulating a real-life scenario when using a VPN, our subscribers will know what to expect. After our tests, we make our guides practical and feel close to home, to our readers’ delight.

Also, we provide step-by-step guides for operating VPNs to ensure that our subscribers do not miss out on the services they provide. Our FAQs in each article cover our readers’ possible questions regarding their VPN service selections.

Although unblocking some sections of Netflix libraries using VPNs could raise legal concerns, we provide specific countries’ laws regarding using VPNs. As a result, our readers will know what to expect and stay on the right side of the law.

Our ratings

Rating VPNs for Netflix can be intriguing yet challenging, but we stay unbiased. Our VPN ratings cover price, support protocol, speed, and several available servers. We consider all these factors to ensure that we give VPNs excellent or not-so-excellent ratings.

With so many VPN options to choose from, we take our time to test VPNs in different countries and scenarios to evaluate their performance, leaving no room for errors. When we publish our reviews and ratings on a particular VPN, it shows we have tested and retested it. As such, readers can trust our reviews.

We want our subscribers to make an informed decision when selecting a VPN. So, we prepare our publications in a manner that will provide the features, necessary information, and comparison of the VPN you choose.

KISS principle

We’ve made it our top priority to produce and distribute free how-to guides based on the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) principle, which states that systems work better when they’re not too complicated.

People’s web freedom and internet privacy need to be restored, so they need easy and safe access to entertainment. Making users harder to understand and use tools and services could be problematic. To ensure that our guides are helpful to as many people as possible, we keep the information and writing style simple.

So, what makes NetflixSavvy different from its rivals?

No sponsorships

NetflixSavvy does not accept any kind of sponsors for advertising or promotion. We don’t approve products and services until we’ve done extensive research and tried a thing or tool out ourselves.

Also, NetflixSavvy won’t take money in exchange for good reviews about shows or tools like VPNs. NetflixSavvy is different from other sites that list products and services because it doesn’t take money from the companies whose products and services it reviews. We will never take money to change or remove a review or list; all our updates are part of our editorial ethics.

Not paid for content or ranking

It has never been NetflixSavvy’s policy to accept money in exchange for a favorable review of a product or service.

There will be no subscription fees or paid articles here.

In the same way, we don’t do any kind of paid linking or endorsements ever. We promise we will never take money to give a shout-out or hyperlink to a specific website, article, blog, business, etc.

Entirely independent

NetflixSavvy is not associated with Netflix Inc. in any way. Neither the streaming service nor its affiliates are in charge of support, ownership, or any other relationship with us. All promotional content on NetflixSavvy is protected by copyright. Images, videos, and trailers, but not just those things.

NetflixSavvy, however, is not affiliated in any way with Netflix, and we have no financial interest in the service or products we provide.

Although there are multiple authors, the site is owned and operated by a sole privacy activist and web freedom advocator — and is structured as a private limited company with no outside investors or shareholders.

How NetflixSavvy makes money

There have always been ways for readers to help and pay (in a way) for the value they get from our site.

Unfortunately, no one apparently donates to the free information websites, effectively closing off that channel.

The reasons why we don’t have advertisements;

  1. Ads may pose a threat to the site’s safety and a user’s security.
  2. Sometimes advertisements may violate a user’s right to privacy (they act as data collection tools as well as advanced tracking for advertising networks).
  3. Conflicts of interest may arise as a result of them.

Since we are restricted from charging for our services, we have chosen a small number of affiliates whose values are consistent with those of NetflixSavvy to keep the site running and pay the bills.

For instance, if you sign up for a VPN service after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you (the readers). We avoid doing business with firms with a history of unethical or ineffective methods. Also, affiliation with any provider does not influence our editorial policies. NetflixSavvy only publishes lists and articles thoroughly researched and tested with no bias.

Besides hosting and other consistent expenses, most revenue gets spent on qualitative research like content creation and tool development.

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