Ethics statement and editorial policy


At NetflixSavvy, we place a high value on the information we provide our readers with. For this reason, we focus strongly on accuracy in our content to ensure that our readers get the best out of the latest news, top picks, and other information from Netflix.

Our strong ethical code aims to preserve your loyalty by producing high-quality content that will keep you coming back for more. 

Our writers follow certain guidelines to build a definitive Netflix reference hub that serves the demands of our audience. We operate under strict ethical standards to give our readers information they can trust.

Editorial Independence

We curate valuable content as an autonomous body at NetflixSavvy. Whatever information we provide is not influenced by external factors. Our strict guidelines ensure that we are responsible for maintaining the relevance, objectivity, and independence of all our published content.

Below are the guidelines for our website:

  • We publish informative and accurate content backed up by research.
  • Our writers do not write based on sentiment and bias. Therefore, we can guarantee neutrality and objectivity on our website.
  • We do not publish paid content.
  • We do not accept compensation for endorsements.
  • We are not Netflix investors.


The major objective of our website is informational and not commercial. Therefore, we do not feature adverts on this site. On the other hand, a specialized affiliate advertising group deals with the affiliates on our website. 

However, suppose we decide to accept adverts on our site. In that case, we will ensure that every publication or feature on our brand that a company or brand sponsors will be identified as “Advertiser Content” to inform the reader properly. We earn from affiliate links when you make purchases on our website, but affiliation does not influence the content our writers create.

The affiliate links on are formatted as

We have established guidelines to ensure that advert content does not interfere with our original publications or the creativity and independence of our editorial team. Our editorial and work ethics guarantee that you get the best out of NetflixSavvy.

Professional Conduct of NetflixSavvy

Our conduct embodies discipline in every aspect, from research, writing, editing, and publishing of content. To give you value, we enforce standard ethics that sets our team apart from other websites. 

We make sure that every piece of information we publish about Netflix is accurate and beneficial to our readers. We are constantly learning and evolving to achieve the best in professionalism.

Distributed Platforms

NetflixSavvy is available on various social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We distribute our content to various audience members through these media channels and ensure visibility.

Most importantly, we maintain the same work ethics that govern our website across all platforms, contributing greatly to our success.


On our website, we make recommendations to our readers based on our writers’ and testers’ best judgments. These reviews could be on current movie releases, trending movies, and how to get the most out of Netflix. We are true to our reputation as the ultimate Netflix information resource center with our reviews.

Updates and Corrections

To inform our readers, we must stay current on Netflix upgrades, including bug fixes, new releases, and VPN options that work best with the streaming service. We make sure to give our readers frequent, factual, and correct information.

If there are any errors in a publication, our team promptly corrects any errors and replaces them with the appropriate information along with an explanatory note. Additionally, we keep our content current and ensure that our readers are well-informed.

Personal Investments

As earlier mentioned in our guidelines, we are not investors with Netflix. As an important part of our work ethics, our team members are not permitted to involve themselves with the company. The reason for this decision is to prevent bias and promote objectivity.


We hold giveaways and competitions for our audience members. On these occasions, we set guidelines that guide the people who choose to participate in the giveaway competitions.

These contests or giveaways we host periodically are designed to give our readers and followers a sense of belonging, which builds our community and ultimately contributes to our success. It is how we give back to them and maintain their trust.

Other Employment

Our team members must work directly with us to deliver the best content to our readers. Therefore, all the writers at NetflixSavvy cannot be employed or paid by other companies or provide services to them without our knowledge.


We work on projects and collaborate with other companies who share our ideas and values. Through our collaborations, we can research, write, and publish content on websites where we are given credit for our work.

A partnership is also a means for us to promote our content and attract more readers. Therefore, we are open to collaboration and partnership opportunities.

We Eagerly Anticipate Your Feedback

Your feedback is valuable to us at NetflixSavvy because we work hard to give you the best experience. You are just a click away if you have any concerns, inquiries, or suggestions for our editorial and work ethics page.