Privacy Policy


The importance of privacy cannot overemphasize; that is why we at NetflixSavvy pay special attention to the privacy of our visitors on our site. We ensure that our analytics are privacy-friendly as possible. Also, there are no ads on our side except for affiliate links.

NetflixSavvy is implementing basic analytics to ensure our readers get the best experience on our website. In addition, is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

We Value Anonymous Suggestions and Comments

To serve our readers better, we have a comments section where users can comment without using their real names or email addresses. It is excellent if you decide to use your real name or email address. 

Let us consider the two kinds of information we receive at 

Personal Information

Suppose you provide us with your personal information, such as your email address. In that case, we may collect information on the email, and you can reach us via the email you provided. 

Website Use Information

When you visit and browse through our sites, we collect certain information. We utilize ‘cookies’ technology to collect them. Cookies are text documents created by the sites you visit; cookies make your browsing experience easier by saving certain information. For example, with cookies, sites can keep you signed in and provide relevant content.

This information includes the time and date of user visits, the time spent at the site, the site frequency, and the number of pages they viewed. We only receive basic analytic data, so you do not need to worry about your privacy.

Use of Information Collected 

Basic web analytics provide information on the total number of site visits and what sections receive more visitors. The information we receive helps to improve our site and serve our readers better constantly. We do not store personal data provided in your cookies nor accept personal information from our visitors.

In our articles, we may post links to other websites that provide extra information to readers visiting our site. However, we are not responsible for how other websites handle user privacy or the information they may collect. 

When you click on any link within our site, our privacy policy does not affect when you leave our site. However, it also means that your online surfing on those websites is subject to the rules and policies of the websites. Therefore, it is essential to take some time to read those websites’ Privacy Policies. 

Using NetflixSavvy, you consent to our Site’s Privacy Policy. We will continue to update you about any changes to our policies. In addition, you will be aware of the information we collect and how we use such information to improve our readers’ experiences.