How to Watch Japanese Netflix in the US (Or Elsewhere) in 2024

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Looking for a way to watch Japanese Netflix in the US or elsewhere? It's a VPN you'll need, but not all of them can bypass Netflix restrictions in Japan


The Japanese Netflix library contains a wide range of movies and TV shows. Anime is its most popular category. However, many users cannot access the Netflix library in Japan without a safe and reliable VPN application. We highlighted the best VPN apps for streaming Japanese Netflix content in the US or anywhere worldwide, the VPNs to avoid, and all the fantasizing movies and series you can stream on Japanese Netflix (with their secret codes).

Netflix has a different content library for each country, so users can only access the content library of the country in which they reside. Therefore, it is no news that Netflix restricts Japanese content to users outside Japan through geo-restriction measures.

As a result, many users tend to miss out on the best movies and TV shows on the Japanese Netflix catalog, like Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and others. However, you do not have to visit Japan to watch your favorite Japanese movie, stream a new Japanese series on Netflix, or update your Japanese Netflix anime list. 

You would be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can stream Japanese Netflix from anywhere in the world using a VPN. This detailed guide shows you how to gain easy access to the Japanese Netflix library using the best VPN applications.

How to stream Japanese Netflix

The best way to stream Japanese movies or series on Netflix is by using a reliable VPN application that can bypass the geo-restrictions in Japan. 

You can follow the steps below to watch Netflix Japanese content using a VPN:

  1. Sign up for an account with a VPN and download the client. ExpressVPN is a top choice because of its ability to bypass geo-restricted streaming platforms, fast servers in Japan, and outstanding privacy and security qualities.
  2. Install the VPN on your device and log in with your details.
  3. Connect to a server in Japan using the VPN application.
  4. Open Netflix to stream exclusive Japanese Netflix content.

Best VPNs for Streaming Japanese Content on Netflix

You cannot access Netflix Japan with any VPN application, especially since Netflix has recently improved its geo-restriction measures, making it difficult for VPNs to bypass its restrictions. While some VPNs can unblock Netflix Japan, others may set you up for disappointment by displaying a proxy error if they cannot bypass the restrictions imposed by Netflix.

If a VPN cannot successfully unblock Netflix Japan, you will be unable to access the Japanese Netflix catalog. To ensure that you get proper access to all the Japanese content you need, we have compiled a list of the best VPNs that can successfully unblock Japanese Netflix.

1. ExpressVPN


Fast servers all over the world, robust security, and excellent unblocking capabilities.

  • Unblocks over 14 Netflix libraries from different countries, including Japanese Netflix
  • High-speed 4K streaming
  • Large selection of servers
  • Suitable for a wide range of devices and routers
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Zero logs policy
  • 24 hour live chat support
  • Slightly costier than competitors

ExpressVPN is easily one of the best VPN applications to unblock Japanese Netflix. It has fast servers in Japan, with locations in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Shibuya. It has coverage in about 160 locations and offers a large selection of servers. ExpressVPN also provides 3,000+ servers in 90+ countries, all with remarkable unblocking capabilities.

You are guaranteed security and privacy with ExpressVPN because it constantly renews its IP addresses so that you will not be blacklisted. ExpressVPN also provides complete anonymity, which makes it impossible for ISPs and websites to detect your true IP address. IP leak protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch are also key features of the application.

This VPN gives you exclusive access to Japanese Netflix content by bypassing geo-restrictions. You can unblock Japan’s Netflix in seconds with ExpressVPN’s unique features and stream your favorite movies and TV shows. Additionally, there are no proxy error messages or slowness when you use ExpressVPN.

Speed review

ExpressVPN provides optimum speed and does not interfere with your internet connection. The high speed is due to its unique Lightway protocol, an open-source project that promises better speeds and quick switching between wi-fi and mobile networks.

This VPN has an upload speed of 91.29 Mbps after connecting to the ExpressVPN Japan – Tokyo server, compared to a normal internet speed of 100 Mbps and a download speed of 92.86 Mbps. Unless your home internet speed is over 300 Mbps, you won’t notice much lag while connected to ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN allows you to enjoy Japanese Netflix without disruptions because high internet speed is the first requirement for a seamless streaming experience.


ExpressVPN is a little more expensive than other VPN services, but you get what you pay for. There are three payment plans available for ExpressVPN, and they include the following:

  • The one-month plan for $12.95 per month
  • The six-month plan for $9.99 per month
  • The 15-month plan (with three months free) for $6.67 per month


Our rating determines how fast, efficient, and simple a VPN application is to use. ExpressVPN is an excellent choice because it unblocks Japanese Netflix and offers fast speed, robust security, and reliable customer support.

The VPN supports various devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also allows users to connect up to 8 devices at once. ExpressVPN has the fastest server connections and can unblock Netflix Japan in seconds with simple apps, granting you access to your favorite movies and TV shows.

We give ExpressVPN 5 out of 5 stars.

2. NordVPN


Has largest server network. Boasts fast connection speeds, and has outstanding user experience.

  • Largest server bank (80+ servers in Japan)
  • Best for gaining access to geo-restricted web pages, including Netflix
  • Includes CyberSec feature
  • Outstanding user experience
  • Specialty servers
  • Fast connection speed
  • Uses a fully-integrated Smart DNS feature
  • Not really mobile friendly 
  • Difficulties in torrenting
  • There are only a few P2P-optimized servers.

NordVPN has made a name for itself as one of the best VPNs for streaming Netflix movies. Unsurprisingly, the application can grant you access to the entire Japanese Netflix library with its features. NordVPN has server types optimized in various ways, such as dedicated IP servers, P2P servers, dual VPN servers, Onion Over servers, and hidden servers.

Additionally, you are guaranteed high-speed connections when you use this VPN. Although any VPN may slightly reduce your internet speed, NordVPN’s speed loss is minimal and almost unnoticeable. NordVPN provides a seamless and enjoyable streaming experience because there is little variation in internet speed before and after you connect to the server.

Overall, you will get the best out of this VPN service because it gives you access to Netflix Japan content through NordVPN Japan servers in under eight seconds.

Speed review

The internet speeds with NordVPN are impressive. NordVPN does not slow down your internet connection. If you connect to the Japan – Tokyo server using the NordVPN WireGuard protocol, you will gain access in two minutes with no connection drop.

If your average internet connection speed is 100 Mbps, the upload and download speeds are typically 83.97 Mbps and 88.87 Mbps, respectively, after connecting to a NordVPN server. As a result, the speeds are ideal for streaming anime and other 4K Ultra HD movies.


NordVPN is not expensive but is also not the cheapest VPN available. Invest in a reliable VPN like NordVPN rather than using substandard VPNs. The three payment plans available for NordVPN include:

  • One-month plan for $11.99 per month
  • Yearly plan for $4.99 per month
  • Two-year plan for $3.29 per month


Our rating for NordVPN is determined by its connection speed and ease of use. It is also rated best concerning streaming quality and speed. You can also bypass geo-restrictions on Netflix Japan by using NordVPN’s SmartPlay technology and secure proxy service.

NordVPN is compatible with Windows, Linux, Firestick, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Android, among others. The VPN also offers a free trial and a 30-day refund policy.

We give NordVPN 4.5 out of 5 stars.

3. Private Internet Access (PIA)


An affordable VPN service boasts extensive server network and impressive geo-unblocking abilities.

  • Kill switch on all clients
  • Excellent for torrenting
  • Anonymous payment methods
  • Zero logs policy
  • Protects up to 10 devices at the same time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Average speeds
  • Only one server in Japan
  • No independent audit

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a good VPN for streaming Japanese Netflix content. It ensures your security with its automatic kill switch, which has three modes (off, always, and automatic).

“Always” only allows you to browse the internet while using PIA, while “Automatic” blocks your traffic when you disconnect from the VPN. This VPN is useful when watching Netflix on public networks because it immediately disconnects you if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly, ensuring that no one on the shared network can see your personal information.

With a massive collection of servers in different countries, users can access any Netflix library they want. Selecting a server to connect to is also simple with Private Internet Access. When you launch the app, click on ‘VPN servers’ and connect to any of them. 

PIA also ensures that users enjoy their streaming experience by offering fast speeds without buffering. Users can stream HD content on their Netflix Japan library, and the application has a split Tunneling feature, which allows users to use other apps while watching Netflix Japan.

Speed review

Private Internet Access is quite fast. It has a high-speed network in Japan, and users can get an average of 44 Mbps download speed with this VPN, compared to a normal internet speed of 100 Mbps. 

This speed rate is more than enough for HD watching, and you can stream 4K-quality anime if you wait 10-20 seconds for the initial buffering.


Private Internet Access is affordable. Users can get a subscription for as low as $2.03 per month. The various subscription plans for PIA include:

  • One-month plan for $11.95 per month
  • One-year plan for $3.33 per month
  • Three-year plan for $2.03 per month


Our rating is determined by many factors, including the security Private Internet Access offers and the streaming experience the users get. PIA’s single Japanese server is compatible with Netflix Japan, so it is a good choice for enjoying the Japanese version of Netflix.

PIA works with android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, Windows, and Chromebook, among other devices. The VPN also offers users a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We give Private Internet Access 4 out of 5 stars.

What to do if you keep getting the Netflix proxy error

If the Netflix proxy error message keeps appearing on your screen despite using the suggested VPN applications, you should consider these tips below.

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies, and log out of your Google account to hide your true location.
  2. Set the time zone of your device to Japan. From the options, you can select UTC+9.
  3. Disable your device’s GPS setting. If Netflix has access to your location, it will display a location error.
  4. Clear the DNS cache. To do so, type the following command into the Command Prompt Windows: ipconfig/flushdns.
  5. If you are streaming on Windows, turn off IPv6.
  6. To obtain a new IP address, disconnect from the VPN server and reconnect to a server in Japan.

Japanese Netflix vs. American Netflix

Japanese Netflix is slowly overtaking American Netflix as the new entertainment hub. Here is how:

  • The Japanese library currently has 6340 titles, while the US library has 5,633 titles. Netflix also reached an agreement with three Japanese animation studies, which included several titles in the Japanese content library.
  • Japan receives the maximum 100 Netflix catalog points for content quality. The Japanese Netflix catalog includes an overall score of 86,961, the highest of any country, 27,284 on IMDb, 40,000 award nominations, and over 19,000 award wins throughout the collection.
  • Japanese Netflix has more anime and exciting shows unavailable in the United States or other international libraries. You can stream all popular anime with the Japanese library, including Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangeline, and One Piece.

Why is Japanese Netflix not available in the US?

Japanese Netflix is not available in the US because it uses geo-restriction measures to ensure that users can only watch shows in their home country. This measure results from copyright agreements and licensing with different shows on Netflix. 

As a matter of fact, Netflix does not have the legal right to distribute generic and consistent video content globally. For this reason, the Japanese Netflix library differs from others, including the American Netflix library.

The streaming service provides content for the IP address and location it identifies. For this reason, you cannot access Netflix in other countries without a VPN application. Netflix also blocks access to other Netflix libraries by blocking popular VPNs, banning IPv6 tunnels, blocking similar IPs, and banning DNS unblockers.

Therefore, the safest and most reliable way to stream Netflix Japanese content in the US is by downloading a trusted VPN application.

Can I access Netflix Japan with a free VPN?

No. Using a free VPN with Netflix is not advisable because it detects and blocks free VPNs as proxies, resulting in the Netflix error. Moreover, free VPNs have a limited number of servers and a few IP addresses blocked by the streaming platform. As a result, they cannot help you access the Japanese content library in the US or anywhere else.

However, even if you find a free VPN for Netflix, you cannot stream shows online. Furthermore, these VPNs provide extremely slow speeds and result in frequent connection drops due to congestion.

VPNs to stay away from for Japanese Netflix unblocking

As Netflix improves its geo-restriction technology, it has become impossible for most VPNs to access the Japan Netflix library. However, they may be able to unblock Netflix libraries from other countries. However, as most VPNs are also improving in their unblocking abilities, they may be able to bypass Netflix restrictions in the future. 

Below are VPNs that currently cannot unblock Netflix Japan:

  • CactusVPN
  • HideMyAss
  • Keenow
  • Buffered
  • Hola
  • LiquidVPN
  • SaferVPN
  • ZenMate
  • PureVPN
  • Tunnelbear

What is the cost of Japanese Netflix subscription plans?

Japanese Netflix has three subscription plans: basic, standard, and premium. Below is the price list of these plans.

  • The basic plan for ¥990 ($7.70)
  • The Standard plan for ¥1490 ($11.56)
  • The Premium plan for ¥1980 ($15.40)

English subtitles and dubbing on Japanese Netflix

English subtitles and dubbed versions of Japanese movies and series are available on Netflix. However, subtitles are more popular than dubbing, and some titles lack both. You can use a Netflix Japan VPN’s money-back guarantee to see which Japanese Netflix content has English subtitles or dubbing.

Some Netflix Japan content with subtitled versions of anime and other movies include:

  • Voices of a Distant Star
  • Gunslinger Girls
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • The Irregular at Magic High School
  • Blame 
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Tokyo Ghoul

Best movies and TV shows on Japan Netflix

Netflix Japan has a lot of exclusive content for lovers of anime and other movies. We have compiled a list of the best movies and TV shows you can find on Japanese Netflix and stream from your comfort zone.

Best movies on Japanese Netflix

Some of the best movies to watch on Japanese Netflix are listed below.

  • In This Corner of the World
  • Mary and the Witch’s Flower
  • Little Miss Sumo
  • A Silent Voice
  • A Whisker Away
  • Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning
  • Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie

Best dramas on Japanese Netflix

If you are interested in Japanese dramas, you should check these out.

  • Alice In Borderland
  • Million Yen Woman
  • Scams
  • The Many Faces of Ito
  • Midnight Diner
  • Atelier
  • Samurai Gourmet

Best dubbed titles on Japanese Netflix

If you want to stream dubbed Japanese content, here is a list of movies and series on Japanese Netflix that have English dubbing:

  • Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
  • Blame
  • Little Witch Academia
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Voices of a Distant Star
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Sword Art Online
  • Durarara!

Best anime series on Japan Netflix

Below are some popular anime series you can stream on Japanese Netflix.

  • Naruto
  • Attack on Titan
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • My Hero Academia
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
  • One Piece
  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Deadman Wonderland
  • Death Note

Secret codes for Netflix Japan

Netflix has a diverse range of movies and TV show genres, but they are hidden and difficult to find. However, if you want to find any subgenre of Japanese movies or series on Netflix, you should have their codes.

Below are the secret codes for Japanese Netflix movies.

Japanese Movies10398
Japanese Anime1462141
Japanese TV Dramas711367
Romantic Japanese Movies17241
Japanese Anime Based on Comics2316199
Japanese TV Shows64256
Critically-acclaimed Japanese Movies571
Japanese Movies & TV100385
Award-Winning Japanese Movies1165766


To summarize, you will miss out on exclusive anime films and series from Netflix Japan if you do not use the suggested VPNs that are compatible with Netflix Japan. Apart from bypassing geo-blocks, a reliable VPN will keep you safe and private online. Our guide has detailed everything you need to know about streaming Japanese content on Netflix, and it is up to you to get the best out of it.


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