Netflix’s Most Watched Movies and Shows Based on Streaming Hours

Thuranira Carter Published: April 3, 2023 Last updated: April 3, 2023 Disclosure
Netflix most watched movies and shows
  • Netflix is the leading streaming platform for all TV shows, constantly producing and releasing original TV series.
  • Netflix's streaming platform releases the TV shows with the highest views based on the streaming hours.
  • Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Wednesday TV series have the most streaming hours as they count views in billions.

Netflix is a popular streaming platform known for producing original TV shows and attracting viewers from all over the world. Netflix did not disclose views on its platform until recently.

Netflix now publishes weekly statistics on its most-watched TV shows based on streaming hours. In mid-2021, Netflix launched a website showing charts with the biggest movie hits. 

These charts show the TV shows that had the most viewers the previous week. It also displays a global ranking of its most-viewed films of all time.

What is Netflix’s weekly streaming about?

Netflix updates the website charts once a week, and the total number of streaming hours determines the movie ranking. Netflix releases the most popular titles from the previous week based on its subscribers’ viewing habits.

Netflix’s release represents a global ranking of more than 90 countries. This is to give subscribers a more comprehensive understanding of their platform’s most popular hits. The list also helps subscribers discover new programs to watch and relax with.

This streaming platform weekly updates its “Top 10 Netflix TV shows” every Tuesday using the number of streaming hours from Monday through Sunday of the previous week.

Netflix divides its top ten charts into four categories: movies in English, non-English languages, TV in English, and TV in non-English.

There is also an all-time list of the most-watched films. This contains information about shows that received many views within the first 28 days of their release.

Netflix counts the streaming hours for the episodes differently if a new season’s movie episodes air in two parts on separate dates. The total streaming hours shown on the Netflix charts after the first part’s upload are from the first 28 days of release. 

Once the movie’s second part is released, the total streaming hours are counted 28 days after the release date. Like the Bridgerton movie series, the streaming hours for the two seasons are counted differently. 

Netflix’s most watched TV shows according to ranking

According to Netflix charts and reporting, the following TV shows have the most streaming hours. They based the ranking on total watch time hours for the first 28 days after the release date.

The following is a list of Netflix’s most-watched TV shows of all time, ranked by total streaming hours.

Squid Game (1.65 Billion)

Squid Game is a South Korean drama that centers on money-hungry players who choose to participate in a series of twisted children’s games for a lucrative cash prize. If the participant loses the prize, they will be “eliminated” immediately. 

Stranger Things: Season 4 (1.35 Billion)

Within the first week of the release of the fourth season of Stranger Things, the movie had over 287 million viewing hours. 

Wednesday (1.23 Billion)

The Wednesday film series follows the Addams family’s daughter, who is the main character. She is forced to attend her parents’ alma mater, Nevermore Academy, after causing havoc at her previous school.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (856.2 Million) 

Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story pictures the life of serial killer and sex offender, Jeffrey Dahmer. Between 1978 and 1991, he murdered 17 boys and men before he was apprehended and sentenced to 16 life sentences in 1992.

Money Heist: Part 5 (792.23 Million)

Money Heist, the thrilling and captivating Spanish drama, premiered its series finale with part 5, which received over 790 million views.

Bridgerton: Season 2 (656.3 Million)

Bridgerton’s season 2 plot revolves around Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton son, who goes to find a wife and quickly becomes involved with the beautiful bachelorette, Kate.

Bridgerton: Season 1 (625.49 Million)

Bridgerton quickly became a Netflix hit, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch the romance between Daphne and Simon.
Other top-rated movies with over 500 million viewing hours include Money Heist (part 4), Stranger Things (season 3), and Lucifer (season 5). Happy viewing!

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