ExpressVPN Works With Netflix in 2024 (Fix And Troubleshooting)

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Facing issues while using ExpressVPN with Netflix? Here we have the perfect guide you will ever need to resolve those issues and use ExpressVPN with Netflix like a charm.


Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services available online. However, it restricts titles in specific locations worldwide due to licensing issues and uses advanced geo-blocks. ExpressVPN is the ultimate solution to unblock Netflix libraries anywhere worldwide. If ExpressVPN is not working with Netflix, there might be some reasons causing it, which you can solve easily with a  few troubleshooting tips.

You must have heard much about ExpressVPN Netflix’s combo supremacy in the VPN world. It helps you have a buffering-free streaming experience and has advanced security features. Also, with its powerful servers and continuously updating configurations, ExpressVPN can help you access most of the geo-restricted content on Netflix. Some of the popular libraries it can unblock include Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Japan, Netflix Germany, and many more.

However, although ExpressVPN reliably unblocks many Netflix libraries, it can stop working for various reasons. Usually, the problem is mainly because the user ignores most of the VPN features that come in handy to deal with most of the issues. 

This article lists all the ExpressVPN Netflix fixes to get the best streaming and torrenting experience on this media platform.

How to watch Netflix with ExpressVPN (Quick guide)

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN subscription.
  2. Install it on your device (ExpressVPN has dedicated apps for different devices, opt for them if available for yours).
  3. Login to your account and reach the home page.
  4. Select the server of the country you want to unban on Netflix.
  5. Move to Netflix and refresh. You will see the website geo-restriction has ended. Happy binging.

Do you want to confirm if your Netflix is connected to VPN? Try searching these programs from these specific regional libraries. If they appear, you are good to go:

Geo-restricted programs on Netflix you can access with ExpressVPN
Ride Like A Girl Point BreakStep BrothersDouble Life 
The BorgiasIt’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaGeminiRhapsody in August
SupernaturalNaked AttractionInceptionBasilisk

ExpressVPN Netflix combo: Why use ExpressVPN to watch Netflix?


For an outstanding streaming experience, you need a VPN that surpasses the site ban, is fast, secure, and offers unlimited bandwidth. So, you have to be very selective in getting the right VPN.

There are multiple VPN providers; however, not each works with streaming media. Also, Netflix AI is smart enough to detect if you are connected through a VPN. So, you need some service that can obscure your connection perfectly by using different security features.

Considering all this, ExpressVPN Netflix is the best bet you can place for a seamless, fast, and secure streaming experience.

Yes, it is legal to use ExpressVPN for Netflix in any part of the world. No country has made using VPN a criminal offense though it goes against the guidelines of the security software. However, Netflix has taken measures to refrain its users from using VPNs. For this purpose, it is religiously looking for VPN IPs and blocking them.

Why does Netflix block content?

Netflix is one of the world’s most contemporary and biggest streaming platforms. However, it allows its users to watch only limited content in a region mainly due to the country’s licensing, copyright, and royalties problems. Moreover, restrictions on content producers and content censorship in an area also result in a media ban.

However, Netflix subscribers have figured out how to bypass geo-restrictions on the platform using VPN. On the other hand, Netflix constantly updates its software to prevent VPN users from accessing its content.

Moreover, VPN usage also affects Netflix’s revenue production. Therefore, the platform takes this matter to the core and bans the VPN servers occasionally. That’s the primary reason you get to see ExpressVPN Netflix proxy error. Luckily, it cannot block ExpressVPN completely, but some servers may go down.

Also, ExpressVPN is efficient enough to cope with this. It continuously updates its configurations to bypass server bans and its users to have a seamless experience.

Distinctive features of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs available online. Due to its advanced features and top-notch security, it has claimed its role as being supreme for unblocking geo-restricted sites on a media platform and offering amicable streaming speed.

With 3,000+ servers in more than 90 countries across the globe, ExpressVPN offers you ultra-fast speed and unlimited bandwidth. Even by accessing platforms like Netflix US and Netflix Japan, which are popular for high traffic, you can have HD streaming without a glitch.

So, unblocking viral episodes of your favorite TV programs or watching the best movies on Netflix is easy. Also, you can use it to unblock Harry Potter on Netflix.

ExpressVPN Netflix works on the fastest servers with military-grade encryption protocols that make your connection so safe that no one can guess you are using a VPN rest aside from the international IP address. The robust security and privacy maintenance features are necessary to avoid Netflix content restrictions and avoid its VPN bans.

Moreover, with 24/7 live customer support and budget-friendly prices, using ExpressVPN for Netflix is the best choice, even for someone who is technology naive.

The following are the most distinctive features of ExpressVPN:

An extensive server network

With 3,000+ servers in 160 locations in more than 90 countries, ExpressVPN helps you access almost every region of the world where the content is produced. Its servers are powerful enough to offer complete obfuscation and help you work in an absolute incognito mode.

With this huge range of servers in ExpressVPN Netflix countries, you can always shuffle to another if you feel any Netflix blocks you on one. This makes ExpressVPN the best VPN for Netflix.

No data logging

ExpressVPN comes with a strict No-logs policy. It means none of your data is recorded or kept for any use. Even if the VPN detects you have any of your sensitive information put in, it takes no time to burn it for your protection.

The only data ExpressVPN keeps are:

  • Application
  • App version
  • Connection date
  • Server location
  • Amount of data transferred in a day

Strong encryption and security


ExpressVPN uses the state-of-the-art military-grade AES-256 security protocol. It is the same encryption standard government, and the army used to protect confidential information.

ExpressVPN shields your actual IP address, mixes your internet traffic with that of other users – and takes the encryption game a step ahead to increase your security. All these features help you access anything online while staying completely anonymous.

Best ExpressVPN servers for Netflix in 2024


We conducted a speed test on the best working ExpressVPN servers. The outstanding results backed our statement of calling ExpressVPN Netflix the best combo for accessing geo-restricted content in 2024.

Server locationsServer llocationsLatencyDownload speed
Switzerland4778161 ms1175.28 MB
UK – East London18741112 ms496.23 MB
UK – Docklands4370266 ms1175.17 MB
Canada – Toronto18017110 ms783.31 MB
The Netherlands – Amsterdam4205670 ms1172.17 MB
Hong Kong – 22538154 ms156.68 MB
USA – New Jersey 314284103 ms588.32 MB
USA – Washington DC17459114 ms792.13 MB
USA – New York4831101 ms195.85 MB
The Netherlands – The Hague1033121 ms29.36 MB
Italy – Cosenza8309115 ms213.79 MB

ExpressVPN pricing

ExpressVPN, with all these features, offers great value for the money. It comes with multiple deals and pricing options. The bigger the plan, the more significant the discount.

You can get the VPN for $6.67/month in a yearly deal with three months extra. So, you get an ExpressVPN Surfshark connection for 15 months for the price paid for 12 months.

A monthly package comes under $12.95/ month. You may also opt for a six-month package at the rate of $9.99/ month.

ExpressVPN Netflix not working in 2024: Fixes

Not Working

At times, you get to question Why Netflix is slow on ExpressVPN? Or Is ExpressVPN not working with Netflix? Though the problem is genuine, it is not because of Express VPN incompatibility with Netflix. Most of the time, you are not using ExpressVPN right for powerful streaming media like Netflix. So, we have listed all the possible problems and ExpressVPN Netflix fixes in the later sub-sections to help you effectively manage the problem instantly.

Download the latest ExpressVPN version

As mentioned earlier, Netflix works a lot to ensure that the users follow all the policies on the platform. Therefore, it tries to ban any VPN connection from accessing it. However, ExpressVPN continuously updates its configurations and security, adding the latest and more powerful features. So, you must ensure you do not forget to install the latest version.

Here is how you install the latest ExpressVPN version:

  1. Search Programs and Features on your laptop and click on it.
  2. Hover to ExpressVPN and uninstall it.
  3. If ExpressVPN is still available after uninstalling the program, go to Start, right-click, and select Run.
  4. Type ncpa.Cpl there to open the window Network Connections.
  5. Right-click on WAN Miniport marked ExpressVPN.
  6. Delete it.
  7. Go to the Start option again and select Setting
  8. Select Network & Internet.
  9. Now, go to VPN; if you see ExpressVPN, select delete.

It’s time to re-Install ExpressVPN; sign in to your ExpressVPN account and select Set up ExpressVPN. Install the latest version and run it. When you connect to the server now, it will connect to Netflix. Updating ExpressVPN solves more than 95% of the problems faced by users.

IP Address Issue

IP address issues usually arise when you are accessing Netflix from a location that is either too near to you or is your actual one. To resolve this problem, relaunch the ExpressVPN app and check your IP address. By changing the server location, ensure the IP address matches your desired server connection.

ExpressVPN Works With Netflix

Change the protocol

ExpressVPN server connects to your device using VPN protocols. However, some countries, especially the Middle East, block the default UDP protocol. So, changing the protocol fixes Netflix VPN not working issue instantly. Moreover, it also provides better speed.

To change the protocol:

  1. Open the ExpressVPN home page and select the hamburger menu.
  2. Click on the Options (make sure your VPN is disconnected while doing this)
  3. Move to the protocol tab and select the one you want to use. For best performance, select OpenVPN TCP and then L2TP. Finally, you can go to PPTP protocol (PPTP protocol offers the least security, so opt for it only in absolute necessity)
  4. Press OK and relaunch ExpressVPN. 
  5. Any problem related to the banned protocol will be resolved if you connect to any server.

DNS Flushing

DNS stored in your device sometimes becomes the reason for Netflix not streaming with ExpressVPN. Therefore, you need to clear the DNS cache to manage the problem. Here is how you do it:

  1. Right-click on the Start and press Run.
  2. Here, you can enter “cmd” and select “ipconfig/flushdns“.
  3. Doing this will clear all your stored DNS.

Check Your Proxy Settings

Sometimes, your browser cannot run the VPN due to inaccurate configurations. To fix this, you can select settings and then click on auto-detect your proxy.

For Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome, click on the Settings icon, and then click on Options.
  2. Select System for the left pane, then click Open your computer’s Proxy settings.
  3. Select Connections and LAN Settings.
  4. Select Automatically Detect settings, and click OK

Disable your security software

Disable all the security software on your device to access VPN perfectly. Sometimes, your antivirus blocks ExpressVPN, considering it a third-party malware.

You can look into the antivirus installed on your device and the Firewall. Also, change the security levels to Medium and grant ExpressVPN security exceptions. You may also set it to trust ExpressVPN.

Also, you may delete any security program before downloading the VPN. Now, you Install ExpressVPN first, run it, and then reinstall the security program on the device.

Note: You shouldn’t switch off your security programs to stay safe online and protect your devices from cyber threats.

Manually configure DNS settings

You may access Netflix and other restricted websites and get higher connection speeds by manually setting your computer with different DNS server addresses.

Most of the time, you must manually configure your computer with ExpressVPN DNS servers’ IP addresses if it does not connect to them automatically. After that, you can flush outdated DNS entries once again after configuring successfully for ExpressVPN DNS servers.

To manually configure DNS, you can look into the following ways:

  1. Right-click on Start and press Run.
  2. Type ‘ncpa.cpl’ there to open the window Network Connections.
  3. Go to your internet connection and right-click.
  4. Click Properties.
  5. Now, IPV4 or the Internet Protocol.
  6. Click on the tab. Use the following DNS server addresses.
  7. Type in the Preferred DNS server and in the Alternate DNS server and click OK.
  8. Now Set the ExpressVPN DNS setting.
  9. Click three dots on the main menu in the program. 
  10. Select Advanced and unselect Only use ExpressVPN DNS servers while connected to the VPN and click OK.

Manually configure proxy settings

Your computer and the Internet are connected through a proxy server, which can open your true location to Netflix when trying to visit restricted content.

So, to avoid this, ensure your browser is set to auto-detect proxy or no proxy, then use the instructions to manually configure proxy settings for your browser.

To manually configure proxy settings on Internet Connections, follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Select Tools (Gear Icon) and go to Internet Options. in your browser
  3. Now, hover over the Connections.
  4. Select LAN settings, and uncheck everything except Automatically detect settings. Click OK.

What if Netflix stops working with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN options for Netflix due to its strong connections and safety protocols. However, you see, sometimes you cannot help failing to access the Netflix content even when you are connected to such a robust VPN.

Here is how you can deal with it.

Check your Internet connection

To confirm your active internet connection, disconnect your VPN and then try to access the website.

If you still cannot open the website, check your internet connection and fix it. However, if you can access it, follow the next solutions.

Try connecting to another ExpressVPN location

You can take the following steps to avoid the server ban that sometimes results in Netflix VPN not working with ExpressVPN.

  1. Go to the ExpressVPN application and select Choose Location.
  2. Now, move to the selected server from the list of locations and select the button ON. You can also search your target server by pressing CTRL+F and typing the name in the search bar.
  3. You can also go to the Recommended, All, or Favourites tab to get VPN server options.
  4. You can toggle around to see which server works best for you.

Clear your browsing data

Sometimes, clearing all the cookies and cache from your history helps you solve the problem. It is because sometimes your location is saved in the cache memory, which Netflix AI can detect.

Contact ExpressVPN Support

If nothing works for you, try the ExpressVPN Troubleshoot feature. Moreover, you can talk to the 24/7 customer support provider on Live Chat anytime. He will assist you until your problem is solved completely.

How to access ExpressVPN Netflix on mobile devices

ExpressVPN has a dedicated mobile application for both Android and iOS users. Here is how you use ExpressVPN on your smartphone:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the dedicated mobile application. Android users can get it from the Google Play Store, while iOS users can get the ExpressVPN app on the Apple App Store.
  3. Login to your account into the application.
  4. Now, look into the vast range of available server options and connect to your desired one.
  5. Move to the Netflix app and start streaming.

ExpressVPN Netflix alternatives

Even though ExpressVPN does not go down in most cases, you may want to know reliable alternatives. However, if you face an issue and cannot work around it, you can try a monthly subscription to another trustworthy VPN provider. We suggest using only Surfshark, IPVanish, or NordVPN with Netflix if you want to shuffle to another VPN for any reason.


ExpressVPN Netflix is the best combination to access the geo-restricted content on this platform. Its powerful features not only conceal your actual IP address but also help you enjoy an ultra-fast, seamless streaming experience.

So, if you have any problem with Netflix not working with ExpressVPN, you can follow the solutions in the above sections. Also, a live chat option is available 24/7, which helps you troubleshoot any problem with ExpressVPN Netflix.

We hope this article helped you find a quick solution to your problem. In case you have any other questions, you may comment below. We would be happy to help.


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